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Dana Point, CA 
El Segundo, CA
Valencia, CA    
Princeton, NJ   
Rumson, NJ     
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Open 11:30AM Monday - Saturday
Open 10:00AM Sunday

Sunday Brunch
10AM Enjoy Made-to-Order Omelets and Pasta, Carved Meats, Chilled Seafood, Eggs Benedict, Fresh Salads, Gourmet Breads and Bagels, Aebleskivers and a Dessert Extravaganza....Unlimited Complimentary Champagne.

Happy Hour
Monday-Friday 4PM - 6:30PM

Live Music
Friday & Saturday nights 9PM-12AM

24415 Town Center Drive #115
Valencia, CA 91355
Phone (661) 222 9999  Fax (661) 222 9981

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Salt Creek Grille Restaurants